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Mini Vacation to Vegas and Zion

Last weekend Emily and I took a “girls trip” to zion national park where we camped for the weekend. On the way we stayed in vegas as a halfway point for the 7 hr drive. Emily had a lot of fun swimming in the hotel pool/shark tank there, and seeing all the lights and food vegas has to offer!

In zion we turned out to be pretty good campers! Getting our tent set up cooking over the fire….and we got A LOT of exercise on many of the hikes there. The most memorable was one called angels landing. it’s a 2,000 ft climb and the last ~third of it is basically rock climbing with some chains to hold onto so you don’t fall off the edge (which you are basically climbing along!). Emily thought a shirt in the park gift shop summed it up well…”I hiked, I climbed, I crawled, I nearly passed out, but I survived Angel’s Landing!” She was quite popular on the trail as it’s youngest hiker that day! She did a great job.

Halloween Witch

For Halloween this year Emily went as a witch! She made the mask herself in her after school art program, and did a great job! We went trick-or-treating on these two streets in Laguna that they closed to cars for the eve and where all the houses go WAY over top with decorations. Many make mini haunted houses in their driveways, one throws a big dj’d disco party in the street every year. It was a lot of fun.

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